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What can I do with my extra Xmas cards?

Don't Waste Your Extra Christmas Cards

If you have extra Christmas cards left over after you have sent one to everyone on your mailing list, don't throw them out. Here are some ideas for what to do with the leftovers:

  • Have your kids send a card to Santa. Having your kids write out a card to Santa that also includes their toy requests will combine the spirit of giving with the tradition of writing a letter to Santa.
  • Use the cover of the card as a decoration in your holiday scrapbook. It will add a nice touch to include your holiday card alongside your Christmas memories.
  • Save your extra cards for next year. So you don't resend to the same people, keep a list of the new additions to your Christmas list and send them last year's card.

What can I do to personalize my Christmas card?

Creating a Christmas Newsletter

If you are looking for interesting ways to create personalized Christmas cards, try including a family newsletter. Friends and family will appreciate the effort and it will provide them with a great way to catch up. To craft the perfect newsletter, follow these simple tips:

  • Present your newsletter on stationary that best represents you and your family. For a traditional look, go with a simple border or a holiday theme. For a more contemporary look, choose metallic paper or a thick card stock with a monogrammed watermark.
  • Create a theme or layout to help organize the information. You might want to include headlines for each paragraph or use bullet points to highlight the most important information.
  • Try to keep your newsletter to one page. Multiple sheets of paper can look intimidating and some people might not take the time to read it.
  • If you don't want to share too much personal information, include other items like a family photo or your favorite holiday recipe to fill the space.

How can I incorporate humor into my Christmas cards?

Using Christmas Humor

If you are looking to spread a little extra cheer this holiday season, try adding a little humor to your Christmas card. Your friends and family will receive a variety of cards this year, so sending funny Christmas cards will stand out and are certain to leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ideas that will definitely amuse your recipients:

Choose a card with a comical design. Most card companies offer a selection of funny cards that are able to get a joke across just by looking at the cover. These designs can range from a picture of dog reluctantly wearing reindeer antlers to a comic strip scene of Santa falling down the chimney.

Create your own design. Take a funny family photo or dress your pets up like Santa and upload the image to your card. This is a great way to personalize your card and allows you to showcase your own brand of humor.

Write a funny message inside. There are a number of funny holiday poems and sayings that you can find online to use in your card. You can also come up with your own humorous greeting, but it is a good idea to run it by someone else before including it in the card. You want to be sure that it is funny and not tasteless before you send it out.

How can I choose the best religious greeting for my Christmas card?

Religious Greetings for Christmas Cards

If you are choosing to send out religious Christmas cards this year, you will most likely want to include a religious verse in your greeting. When expressing your faith during the holidays, it can be difficult to come-up with the right words. There are a few things to consider when drafting the right greeting for your Christmas card.

First, you want to make sure the greeting complements the card design. There are a number of Christmas prayers and poems to choose from that emphasize different aspects of the holiday. For example, if your card features a nativity scene, you might want a verse about the three wise men. If the front of the card is a Madonna and child, choose a saying with a mother/child focus. Also, keep your greeting short and sweet to get your message across clearly. Long excerpts from the Bible can be overwhelming, so choose one quote or verse that best represents the passage and doesn't take up the entire inside of the card. For the signature, popular religious closings include "God Bless," "May God Be With You," "Many Blessings," and "For Him."

How can I go green this Christmas?

Go Red and "Green" This Christmas

If you want to send Christmas cards this year without increasing your carbon footprint, send holiday cards made from recycled materials. Here are some ideas for creating recycled Christmas Cards that you can feel proud of:

  • Re-use the Christmas cards you received last year. Remove the front portion of the card and glue on a new back. You can use recycled cardboard or construction paper for a completely green solution.
  • Create holiday cards from used paper grocery bags. Decorate the edges with scraps of yarn and thread and you will have a beautiful, custom card that is environmentally friendly.
  • If you are not that crafty or creative, you can purchase cards made from recycled materials. To be sure the cards are really green, check the label to verify what materials were used in the construction.

Why should I include my return address on my Christmas card envelopes?

Be Sure to Include Your Return Address

If you think including your return address on the envelopes of your Christmas greeting cards is pointless, think again. There are many benefits to putting your address on all your envelopes before you put them in the mail. The most important reason is that you will become aware if a recipient does not receive a card. If a card is returned, you will know if you made a mistake or if your contact information is out of date. Now you will have the opportunity to correct the address, resend and update your mailing list. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing all your cards made it to your friends and family in time for Christmas.

Another benefit of a return address is that it provides you with a platform to inform your recipients of your updated contact information. This is especially helpful if you have recently moved, changed your last name or both. You can also showcase your personal style by creating a custom label. Include a photo or use a fun font to add a special touch.

How do I properly address my Christmas cards?

How to Properly Address Your Christmas Cards

Now that all your Christmas cards have been signed and stuffed, it is time to address the envelopes. You are most likely sending cards to a variety of friends, family and acquaintances, so it is important to consider whom the card is going to before filling out the names. Here are some suggestions for how to properly refer to each recipient:

  • Couples: To formally address married couples you can write “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Smith” or “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” A more casual approach would be something like “Joseph & Mary Smith” or “The Smiths.” For couples with different last names, include the full names of both recipients like “Joseph Smith & Mary Jones.”
  • Families: For couples with children, you can use the same addresses as mentioned above, but with a twist. The easiest way to include children is by adding “Family” to the name, like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Family” or “The Smith Family.” For a cute approach, address the card to the children by writing “Kate Smith and Parents.”

What are some of the most popular religious Christmas card themes?

Types of Religious Christmas Cards

It is important to remember why we celebrate Christmas. If you are a dedicated Christian, this holiday is about celebrating the birth of Christ. To help reinforce your faith during the holidays, select a religious Christmas card to send to family and friends. There are many Christian Christmas cards to choose from, so here is a list of the most popular themes:

  • Nativity Scenes: Nativity card designs range from detailed, traditional scenes to more contemporary designs featuring solid colored figures against a starry night background.
  • Religious Paintings: Some of the most popular Christmas scenes include "Adoration of the Sheppards," “The Sleep of the Infant Jesus,” and "The Virgin with Angles."
  • Church Scenes: Choose from depictions of famous churches from around the world or fabricated images of church settings and landscapes.

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