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What do I write in a sympathy card?

Sending Sympathy Cards

When a death occurs, it is customary to send a sympathy greeting card to the family of the deceased. Under the circumstances, it can be difficult to come up with the right thing to say. Here are some tips for creating a heartfelt, sympathetic message that the recipient will truly appreciate:

  • Include a short introduction such as, “I was saddened to hear of Tom's passing,” to acknowledge the loss.
  • Express your sympathy by extending your condolences.
  • Don't be afraid to share a memory about the deceased. This will let the recipient know how much their loved one meant to you and may even make them smile.
  • If the deceased passed after a long period of suffering or illness, it is appropriate to acknowledge the illness.
  • It is always a nice gesture to offer your assistance with anything the family might need help with in their time of need.
  • Close your message with a heartwarming phrase like, “Thinking of you during this difficult time,” or, “My deepest sympathy”

How can I personalize my photo greeting cards?

Add Captions to Your Greeting Cards

Adding photos to a greeting card is a great way to add a personal touch, but adding captions can take your card design even further. You can be as festive or as funny as you want with a well thought out phrase that coordinates with your photo.

There a few ways you can incorporate captions in your greeting cards. One is to buy blank “comic book style” caption stickers and write on them using a ballpoint pen. This is a great way to show that a person in your photo is saying or thinking something. Another idea is to add the caption directly to your photo using photo software, like Photoshop, before uploading the photo to your card. This will look seamless and you have the opportunity to be a little more playful. If there is not enough room to add text directly to the photo, use the caption as your greeting. Include the photo on the cover of the card and write the corresponding message or punch line inside.

What gifts will fit into a greeting card?

Wrap Your Gift In a Greeting Card

If you are heading out to a party and realize you forgot to get a gift, you will most likely have to make a stop on the way. When you are buying a present on-the-go, you should avoid buying anything that needs to be wrapped. You are already in a rush, so adding an extra step can be super frustrating. Instead, choose something that can fit right into a greeting card. It will save you precious time and you won't be stuck lugging around a bulky gift.

When you think of gifts that fit into a card, the first thing you think of is money. Of course cash is always a crowd pleaser, but there are other options. For example, gift cards are slightly more personal and will slip right into a greeting card. Scratch tickets are another good idea and the recipient will definitely be grateful if you include a winner. Other ideas include business card holders, photo books or magnets that are a bit more bulky, but will still fit in an envelope.

How can I make a store bought card look homemade?

A Semi-Homemade Greeting Card

If you don't have time to make a card from scratch, you can still create a semi-homemade card that will equally impress your recipients. Purchase greeting cards and add your own special touches to make it your own.

For example, use layered construction paper to jazz-up the inside of the card. This will add color and provide a nice surface to include a hand written note. Use a metallic pen and your greeting will really pop. Another idea is thread yarn around the outside of the card to create a custom border. It will add texture and interest to your store bought card. If you are artistic, include an original sketch on the inside of the card to provide recipients with an unexpected surprise. Other ways to showcase your craftiness is to tie a ribbon around the outside of the card, decorate the envelope or add a little glitter for some extra sparkle.

What are some reasons to send a just because card?

Send a Card Just Because

If you think greeting cards are only for birthdays and holidays, think again. Every day is a day to celebrate, so why not send more greeting cards to show loved ones you care? There are a number of reasons to send a just because card, including:

  • To thank a friend for being there
  • To let someone know you love them
  • To congratulate an accomplishment
  • To show off your new baby
  • To say hello to an old friend
  • To brighten someone's day
  • To celebrate a big win
  • To tell your mom how much she means to you
  • To tell a friend how much you appreciate their friendship
  • To share a life changing experience with loved ones
  • To update friends and family with your new address
  • To share photos of a recent vacation
  • To praise a job well done
  • To honor the memory of a loved one
  • To commemorate a special moment

What are some inspirational phrases for best wishes cards?

Inspirational Phrases for Best Wishes Cards

Whether you are sending a card to say congratulations, get well soon or happy birthday, best wishes greeting cards are a great way to show someone how you feel. If you want to lift a loved one's spirits, send a card with one of these inspirational sayings and you are guaranteed to brighten their day:

  • May your heart be happy & your days be bright. May your roads be smooth & your burdens be light. May you find the dreams & touch the stars & NEVER FORGET HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE.
  • Heard you weren't feeling well. May your doctors have wisdom. May you rest in quiet. May you enjoy the visits of friends and family. Best wishes for your recovery to health and happiness .
  • Hand in hand all of your days. May the strength of one lift up the other. May the joy of one delight the other. May the dance of one entrance the other. Forever .
  • May your birthday be radiant and happy in every way. May the love and laughter that you share today, continue through life with each passing day, uplifting and enveloping you as you spread happiness along the way.

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