Wrap Your Gift In a Greeting Card

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What gifts will fit into a greeting card?

Wrap Your Gift In a Greeting Card

If you are heading out to a party and realize you forgot to get a gift, you will most likely have to make a stop on the way. When you are buying a present on-the-go, you should avoid buying anything that needs to be wrapped. You are already in a rush, so adding an extra step can be super frustrating. Instead, choose something that can fit right into a greeting card. It will save you precious time and you won't be stuck lugging around a bulky gift.

When you think of gifts that fit into a card, the first thing you think of is money. Of course cash is always a crowd pleaser, but there are other options. For example, gift cards are slightly more personal and will slip right into a greeting card. Scratch tickets are another good idea and the recipient will definitely be grateful if you include a winner. Other ideas include business card holders, photo books or magnets that are a bit more bulky, but will still fit in an envelope.



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