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Is it okay to omit some signatures when giving a group birthday card at work?

Be Sure to Get All the Right Signatures

When you are giving a co-worker a birthday card signed by a group, it can be difficult to track down all the right people to get their signatures. It seems like when you try to track them down, someone is always in a meeting, out to lunch or coming in late that day. If it is your role to round everyone up, you might think that as long as you get most of the signatures your work is done, but that is not the case. Leaving someone out may end-up causing unwanted tension.

For example, if an entire department of people is signing a card and one signature is missing, it can send mixed messages. The recipient might think that one person purposely didn't sign, which will have them wondering what they might have done to offend him/her. On the other hand, the person unable to sign might be angry with you for allowing them to be left out, especially if the card was accompanied by a gift. To avoid this scenario, be sure to get everyone's signature before giving business happy birthday cards. Then you can enjoy the cake and ice cream without feeling guilty.

How can I use cards to increase sales?

Build Your Business by Giving Birthday Cards

For businesses trying to promote products or services, birthday cards can be a great tool for bringing in new business. Consumers love receiving personalized discounts or promotions, so why not send your customers a special offer on their birthday? This is a great way to entice new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more.

Here's how it works.

  1. Have your customers include their birthday and address information when they make a purchase or sign-up to receive information.
  2. Create a promotional offer you feel comfortable extending to your customer base.
  3. Purchase a bulk size order of business birthday greeting cards and have your promotional offer printed on the inside of the card. Don't be afraid to use a multi-color design to really make your offer pop.
  4. As each birthday approaches, send a card to the corresponding recipient.
  5. Get ready to make a new sale!

How can I better connect with my client?

Connect with Your Client

When working in a service oriented setting, you usually spend most of your time talking business with your clients. While business is always important, you should make sure you also take the time to learn about your clients' personal life as well. Asking about your client's children or favorite hobby allows you to connect on a more personal level, which can result in a better professional relationship. It is also a good idea to recognize your clients' birthday because it provides you with another opportunity to connect with them.

To make sure you remember everyone's birthday, create a separate client calendar to keep track of these important dates. Also, remember to send a business birthday card a few days early so it arrives on or before the actual birthday. This will show your clients that you are both thoughtful and organized, which are two great traits to showcase in a business environment.

What can I give as a thoughtful last minute gift idea?

Cards for the Last Minute

When you work in a busy office setting, there are always a lot of dates, meetings and events to keep track of each month. With all the mark-ups on your calendar, it can be easy to let an occasional birthday creep up on you without noticing until the last minute. A great way to stay prepared is to keep a stack of birthday cards for business on-hand in case you need one in a moment's notice. Your co-worker or client will never know you almost forgot the big day.

When buying a large quantity of cards for last-minute occasions, choose a couple different styles to keep your options open. You might want to choose colorful, fun cards for co-workers, a more sophisticated design for clients and a traditional style for vendors and service providers. It also allows you to mix-it-up should you need to give out more than one card on the same day.

What should I avoid writing when siging business birthday cards?

Don't Try To Be Too Funny

When it comes time to sign a card for co-worker, deciding what message to write is always a challenge. Whether you are signing a group card or giving one of your own, you generally want your message to standout from the same old "happy birthday" wishes. It is okay to be witty, but be careful that your message doesn't standout for the wrong reasons. Here are some topics to avoid when signing business birthday cards:

  1. Don't make any references to race or religion. Even if you have a close relationship with the recipient, it is never a good idea to joke about these topics at work.
  2. Avoid any alcohol references. Even if you have previously been out for a few cocktails with a co-worker, writing something like "I hope you stay sober enough to remember this one..haha" in a card can be offensive.
  3. Don't mention their age. Whether the card is for the 23-year-old receptionist or the 60-year-old executive, mentioning age is never a good idea. It can signal that you don't take them seriously or that their age affects their ability to do their job.

How can I boost employee moral?

Showing Employee Appreciation with a Thoughtful Card

As more and more jobs are lost, many companies find themselves relying on fewer employees to produce the same amount of work. Adjusting to a larger workload and more responsibility can be a stressful transition for employees, so it is a good idea to rely on positive reinforcement to help ease the burden. A quick and easy way to show you care is with a greeting card.

For example, if you have a hard working employee whose birthday is coming up, make sure their special day does not go unnoticed. A birthday greeting card with an encouraging message is a simple, inexpensive way to celebrate their birthday and boost their spirits. Pair the card with a tasty cake to share with co-workers and the whole office will be thanking you for your generosity. The thoughtful gesture will be much appreciated and may even result in higher productivity.

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