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How can I dress-up a blank inside card?

How to Jazz-Up Blank Cards

Sometimes you can fall in love with a card design, but the greeting inside leaves much to be desired. A savvy solution is to buy blank inside cards and come-up with your own message. Once you have gone that far, you might be inspired to personalize more than just the message?

When you have a blank canvas to work with, the sky is the limit. Tap into your creative side to create truly Unique holiday cards for everyone on your list. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Create colorful borders around your greeting using stencils or free hand, depending on your artistic ability.
  2. Don't be afraid to use seasonal colors to add flair to your holiday wishes.
  3. Write your message using a metallic or glitter pen to make your message pop.
  4. Use festive stamps or stickers to pump-up your signature.

Are there special stamps for holiday cards?

Don't Forget About the Postage

To add the final touch to any holiday card, you will need to put a stamp on it. You might have some leftover stamps in your desk drawer, but there are much more festive options available during the holiday season.

The US postal service recently released its holiday designs for 2009. As stated in the press release:

The Winter Holidays stamps feature a reindeer, snowman, gingerbread man and toy soldier. A merry reindeer dangles a red bulb ornament from his antler. Flurries of large flakes dust a snowman sporting a top hat, coal buttons and a carrot nose. The gingerbread man is decorated for the season with green, red, and white icing. The toy soldier smiles while standing at attention. Borders of evergreens, stars, wreaths, and holly add another holiday touch to the stamps.
Also, for a more personal touch, some websites allow you to customize your holiday stamps. You can choose from a variety of existing designs or create your own for even more wow factor.

What are the benefits of buying holiday cards online?

Benefits of Buying Holiday Cards Online

Shopping for Christmas cards can be overwhelming for many people. During the holiday season, the last place you want to be is in a crowded retail store fighting through crowds of people and waiting in long lines. Shopping for holiday cards online is a much more convenient option that can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. Buying cards online also provides you with more opportunities to create a customized card that you will feel proud to send to family and friends.

Some custom options include uploading family photos, creating a personal holiday greeting, including a printed signature, and a printed return address and recipient information on the envelope. Also, when you buy cards online, you have the option to buy in bulk, which brings down the cost of each card, depending on the amount you order. Instead of buying five packs of 10 cards at the same price, you can save by purchasing two packs of 25 at a discounted rate.

Are there special guidelines for sending holiday mail overseas?

Sending Holiday Cards Overseas

If you have a loved one in the military, you will most likely be sending a special holiday card this year to help lift their spirits. If this is the case, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest US Postal Service guidelines. The USPS recently announced its recommended mailing dates to ensure overseas mail arrives by Christmas to our U.S. military troops serving at APO/FPO addresses.

According to the latest press release, holiday mail for our U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan should be sent by Dec. 4 for arrival by Christmas. Holiday mail going to other military overseas APO/FPO locations should be sent by Dec. 11. If you will be sending a gift, there are special forms that will need to be filled out prior to shipping the item. You can visit the USPS website to download the forms and browse helpful tools for getting your package sent correctly and on time.

How can we be sure to take the perfect phto for our holiday card?

Taking the Family Holiday Photo

Photo holiday cards are always a popular option, but it takes more work than you think to create that flawless family photo. Since this card will be going to everyone you know, there is a lot of pressure to create the perfect image. Follow these easy tips and your photo will look effortless:

  1. Come up with a concept for your photo. There is no rule saying you need to snap the same old shot in from of the Christmas tree. Think outside the box and your photo will really stand-out.
  2. Decide on a location and try out a couple poses to see what looks best in the space you have chosen.
  3. Choose coordinating apparel. Everyone does not need to match exactly, but there should be a common thread that pulls everyone in the photo together. Whether it is a color scheme or repeating print, everyone should look like they belong in the photo together.
  4. Take lots of photos. Someone is bound to blink or move right when the camera goes off, so take as many pictures as you can. The more options you have to choose from, the better the odds you will find the perfect image.

How can I create a holiday card that doubles as a birth announcement?

Announce Your New Arrival in a Holiday Card

If you have a new bundle of joy arriving just in time for Christmas, create personalized holiday cards that double as a birth announcement. Here are a few ways to include the good news into your holiday greeting:

  1. Create a Christmas card using your favorite photo or photos of the little one. Many online card companies make it easy to upload images that can be incorporated into the overall design.
  2. Include hand or footprints on the inside of the card or on the envelope to create a special baby signature. Use festive colors like red and green to compliment the colors of the season.
  3. Put "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" confetti inside the envelope so the recipient gets the good news as soon as they open the card.
  4. Include the baby's name, weight and height in the signature, just as you would on a traditional birth announcement, to inform loved ones of these important stats.

How can I get my kids involved in creating our Christmas cards?

Get the Kids Involved

The holidays are a time for everyone to celebrate with family and spread holiday cheer. Getting the whole family involved in creating your Christmas cards is a great way to do both at the same time. When it comes time to send out the holiday greeting cards this year, make it into a night of family fun. Get your creative juices flowing and there is no telling what the result will be.

It is best to have an adult handle the greeting and addresses so the cards are legible, but the rest can be left for the kids. Children love to decorate, so put them in charge of adding the special touches to the cards and envelopes. Fuel their creativity and go all-out with stencils, markers, stickers and glitter. Your kids will enjoy participating in the Christmas card process and your loved ones will definitely appreciate the time and care that went into making them.

When should I start thinking about sending my holiday cards?

Get Your Holiday Cards in the Mail Early

It seems like the Christmas season gets longer and longer every year. It feels like our Christmas trees go up as soon as our Halloween decorations come down. That might sound a little extreme, but it is a good idea to plan ahead, especially when it comes to holiday cards. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Decide what type of card you will be sending. Allow for additional processing time if you plan to have a family photo printed onto the card.
  2. Set a goal for when you want the cards to be mailed. It will give you a deadline to work towards and help keep you motivated.
  3. Make sure your contact list is up-to-date and that you have plenty of stamps to avoid last minute set backs.
  4. Decide if you will be including any additional materials in the card, like a family newsletter or photo. You will want to have these items ready for when you begin stuffing the envelopes.
  5. Get the cards in the mail early so you can beat the rush. Sending cards early allows people to put your card on display to enjoy longer.

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