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How do I choose the right business thank you card?

How to Choose a Business Thank You Card

A thank you card is the most common greeting card used in business. It is appropriate for so many occasions and can be sent to anyone, so it is important that your thank you cards for business feature a design that properly represents your company. Here are a few tips for finding the right card:

  1. Select a simple, sophisticated design that is gender neutral and suitable for a variety of occasions. Don't choose a design that is too cutesy or over-the-top that might make your company look silly.
  2. To keep all office correspondence consistent, go for a color scheme that coordinates with your company image and/or logo. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors that will appeal to a variety of recipients.
  3. Choose cards with a standard size and shape to avoid appearing too flashy. The idea is to look professional, so always keep that in mind when making your selection.

How do I decide what to write in a business thank you note?

What to Write in a Business Thank You Note

When deciding what to write in business thank you note cards, you might struggle to find the right balance between professional and friendly. Here are some rules to follow when selecting your thank you greeting:

  1. Make sure your note is personal without being too casual. For example, if you are writing to someone you interact with often, refer to him/her by their first name, but in a proper manner. Starting your greeting with "Dear Jim" instead of "Hi Jim" or "Dear Mr. Smith" will get you off to the right start.
  2. Be sure to mention exactly what you are thanking them for and why you appreciate it. This is much more effective than a simple "thanks."
  3. If possible, try to compliment the recipient in your note. For example, if they gave you a gift, mention something like "It was very generous of you to send such a lovely gift."
  4. Just to be safe, have someone in the office proof read the note for you. The last thing you want is for the recipient to focus on a typo rather than the thoughtful greeting.

Why should I include a company logo on my business thank you cards?

Benefits of Branded Thank You Notes

In business, companies should take advantage of every opportunity to promote their business. Tactics, like sending business thank you cards with a company logo can be very beneficial for your company. Here are some of the top ways a branded card will help your business:

  1. Sending a branded thank you card to clients helps build better relationships. It shows your client that you both appreciate their business and take your business seriously.
  2. A business thank you card with a logo makes your brand more visible. Anyone who sees the card will automatically know it came from you.
  3. Using your company logo in a unique manner on a thank you card will highlight your creativity to any business contact.
  4. Sending logo thank you cards to customers helps build brand awareness by providing consumers with more incentive to remain loyal customers and recommend your business or service to friends and family.

How can I keep my customers coming back for more?

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

If your company offers products or services, each time a customer places an order is an opportunity to grow your business. Once a customer has made a purchase from your company, it is your job to establish a lasting relationship. A great way to do this is by consistently letting them know how much you appreciate their business by using business thank you cards.

By including a thank you card with each order, you are reaching out to the consumer on a more personal level and encouraging them to continue doing business with you. For example, if you own a restaurant, have the servers deliver the check in a thank you card that is hand signed rather than just placing the receipt on the table. You can even provide the diners with more incentive to come back by including "free appetizer" coupons inside the card. If you have an online business, include a thank you card in the box of each product you ship out. It will help you to make a connection with the customer on an individual level… a great opportunity since you are unable to interact face-to-face.

How can I leverage a company anniversary to build business?

Thank Customers for Making Your Company a Success

If your company is celebrating a milestone anniversary soon, use this opportunity to thank your loyal customers for continuing to provide you with business throughout the years. After all, the customers that keep coming back are the ones that made your company a success in the first place.

There are a number of ways you can do this, but the easiest way is to send your customers a simple thank you card. It will be completely unexpected and make your customers feel appreciated. Showing customer appreciation can be beneficial to your company in many ways. In addition to making your customers happy, you are also encouraging them to continue doing business with you. It is also more likely that your customers will recommend you to friends and family, which will increase your sales and help expand your business. Now this year's anniversary celebration will help ensure your company makes it to its next milestone.

When should I send a business thank you card?

When to Send Business Thank You Cards

Sending a thank you note is the best way to show others your gratitude. In a corporate environment, there are a number of reasons to send a business thank you card, but sometimes it can be confusing determining which occasions are appropriate. To help figure out when you should send a thank you note, it is helpful to consider the recipient.

For clients, almost every occasion is relevant, but you definitely want to follow-up with a thank you note after receiving a gift, after a big campaign, after a client dinner or special event or if a client refers new business. For employees and co-workers, always send a card after receiving a gift or to show appreciation for a job well done. Other reasons for sending a business thank you card include showing appreciation to a frequent customer or after receiving exceptional service from a vendor.

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