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How can I dicreetly hand out Christmas bonuses?

Use a Card to Present a Christmas Bonus

Handing out annual Christmas bonuses can present companies with some unique challenges. Since bonuses are generally not the same across the board, they must be handed out in a discreet manner to avoid office conflict. Sometimes only select employees receive a bonus or bonuses are awarded in various amounts. While it is important to reward those who deserve it, some employees may feel insulted if they are aware that other received more than they did.

A great way to disguise a holiday bonus is to include them in the company Christmas cards. Since everyone will be getting a card, it will appear as though all employees are receiving the same thing. This strategy offers companies a tactful way to hand out bonuses without offending those who are not receiving one. In addition to delivering the monetary bonus, a card also provides employers with an opportunity to personally thank employees for their hard work and dedication.

How can I make my business Christmas card more personal?

Add a Personal Touch to Your Corporate Card

There are many commercial greetings to choose from when selecting a Christmas card, but a card with a personal message is always more heart-warming for the person receiving it. You probably wouldn't give your mother a card that only said "Merry Christmas, Love Ed," because the greeting would feel cold and impersonal. The same theory can be applied when selecting a business Christmas greeting.

Just because you are sending out a large quantity of cards, does not mean the quality of the message has to suffer. Creating a personalized greeting and/or signature tells your business contacts that you put a lot of thought into your holiday greeting. For example, instead of writing "hope you have a great holiday," or “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” you can write "All of us at (company) wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday." Now instead of being a cliché, your card includes a heart-felt holiday wish that everyone will appreciate.

What type of business Christmas cards should I choose?

Choose a Christmas Card Design That Reflects Your Business

Everyone loves to spread holiday cheer at Christmas time and Christmas cards are the perfect way to reach out to those you most appreciate. For businesses, this means sending business Christmas cards to every valuable client and customer that has helped business thrive over the past year. When sending cards to such an important group of people, not just any Christmas card design will do. Choosing a design that reflects your company will leave a lasting memory and help reinforce your company values.

For example, if you are a lawyer, select a card that features the scales of justice. If you are an accountant, pick a card that pokes fun at taxes or has a fun numerical design. If you run a publishing company, include an excerpt from A Christmas Carol as your greeting. There are plenty of playful designs available to reflect any business, so don't be afraid to have fun with it.

How can I simplify the Christmas card process?

Simplify Your Christmas Card Process

Buying company Christmas cards can be a stressful task during the most wonderful time of the year. Instead of going crazy over every little detail, here are some tips to help simplify the process:

  1. Buy your cards online to avoid long lines and inadequate inventory at the store. It is much more convenient to order the cards on the computer and have them delivered right to your desk.
  2. Have a personal signature printed inside each card to avoid signing each card by hand. It will mean less work for you and your co-workers will be more than happy to avoid the dreaded card signing hand cramp.
  3. Have your return address and recipient information printed on the envelopes when you place the order. This will save you time and save on company ink.
  4. Run the envelopes through a postage meter rather than sticking a stamp on each individual envelope. It is a more accurate way to apply postage and doesn't require an additional trip to the post office.
  5. Enjoy sipping eggnog at the company Christmas party, because your work is done!

How can I use Christmas cards to promote my business?

Promote Your Company with Creative Christmas Cards

If you own a small business or start-up, the holidays can be a great time to drum up some business. People are already in a giving mood and in need of gifts, so it is the perfect time to entice consumers to spend their money with you. You never know where your next lead will come from, so it is best to send a card to everyone. Buying corporate Christmas cards in bulk will provide you with enough cards to send to family, friends, business contacts and consumers.

When sending a card to promote your business, be sure that your company is properly represented. Some cards allow you to include your logo on the cover so recipients can clearly see who sent the card. This approach may also generate interest from a third party if they see the card on display in the recipient's home or office. Also, be sure that your contact information is highly visible so any interested parties can get a hold of you. You can do this by including business cards inside the card or printing your phone or email in the card signature. Finally, be sure to include a warm, personal greeting – after-all, it is Christmas.

How can I save money on xmas cards this year?

Buy Corporate Christmas Cards in Bulk

This holiday season, companies everywhere are looking for ways to save money and reduce costs. It might be good for the bottom line, but Xmas shopping on a tight budget can make it difficult to decide on the right Christmas cards and gifts to give employees and clients. You don't want to spend a lot, but you don't want to look cheap either. The solution? Buying business Xmas cards in bulk.

When you buy cards in bulk, the more you buy, the more you save. Depending on how many you need, you can get high-quality Christmas cards for under a dollar each. That is a huge savings when compared to the prices at most drug stores and specialty boutiques. There are a number of styles and greetings to choose from, so the cards you choose can be as professional or whimsical as you want. You can even customize your greeting to add a more personal touch.

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