Use a Card to Present a Christmas Bonus

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How can I dicreetly hand out Christmas bonuses?

Use a Card to Present a Christmas Bonus

Handing out annual Christmas bonuses can present companies with some unique challenges. Since bonuses are generally not the same across the board, they must be handed out in a discreet manner to avoid office conflict. Sometimes only select employees receive a bonus or bonuses are awarded in various amounts. While it is important to reward those who deserve it, some employees may feel insulted if they are aware that other received more than they did.

A great way to disguise a holiday bonus is to include them in the company Christmas cards. Since everyone will be getting a card, it will appear as though all employees are receiving the same thing. This strategy offers companies a tactful way to hand out bonuses without offending those who are not receiving one. In addition to delivering the monetary bonus, a card also provides employers with an opportunity to personally thank employees for their hard work and dedication.



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