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How can I make my clients feel special during the holidays?

Make Clients Feel Special with a Handwritten Note

During the holidays, companies should expect to send hundreds of holiday cards. It is almost impossible to personalize each card, but there a few people you should go out of your way to make feel special. Those who have helped your business the most over the past year deserve a more thoughtful wish during the holiday season.

If you work in client service, make sure to include a handwritten note in your client's business holiday card. Your client probably receives handfuls of cards, so ensure that yours stands out from the crowd by including a personal note. When determining what to write, try to avoid cliché greetings or mimicking the printed message. For example, if the card says "Hope you have a wonderful holiday season," don't write "Wishing you a happy holiday season." It will look like you wrote your note in a hurry or didn't read the card. Take the time to write something memorable and it will make all the difference.

How can I be successful at sending the company holiday cards?

Be Efficient When Sending Company Holiday Cards

If it is your job to send out the company holiday cards this year, make sure you take your role seriously. Companies depend on holiday cards to thank their clients or customers for their business and keep them coming back for more. Here are some tips to make sure you carry out your task successfully:

  1. Make sure to order the cards and get started well in advance to plan for any delays.
  2. Get all the right signatures before you seal the envelopes. You don't want to accidently leave the CEO's signature off the company holiday card.
  3. Make sure you use the most up-to-date mailing list when addressing the cards.
  4. Send the cards out early to ensure it is received on time. Many people take time off during the holidays, so you don't want them to miss it.
  5. If a card is send back due to a wrong address, correct the mistake and resend the card. It is better late than never. If the recipient does not receive a card at all, it could send the wrong message.

How can I leverage holidays to promote my business?

Send Holiday Cards to Increase Sales

If you run a company that offers a product or service, you are most likely always on the lookout for new and inventive marketing tactics. One way to increase sales is to leverage holidays that relate to your product or service in order to promote your business.

For example, a florist or jeweler might want to send a card to customers with a special business holiday greeting for Valentine's Day. This will serve as a reminder of what the company has to offer at a time when consumers are deciding on what to buy as a Valentine's Day gift. A costume shop might want to send out a Halloween card to showcase their most popular costumes of the season and alert customers to special deals. If you offer something that is not specific to a holiday, be creative. Come-up with an inventive message that makes it relevant and send it out.

How can I use the holidays to market my business?

Make a List and Check It Twice

While you might dread having to send out your corporate holiday cards every year, you should also recognize it as a valuable marketing opportunity. The holiday season gives your company the perfect excuse to get in touch with everyone you have done business with over the past year, so be sure to take full advantage of the situation.

The best strategy is to keep your holiday mailing list up to date. Don't leave your list in a file cabinet until the following season, update your list every time you make a new contact. This method will allow you to keep track of names and addresses for all customers, potential customers, vendors and more all year round. Now you won't be scrambling at the last minute to remember whom you want to add to the list and hunt down their contact information. In addition to maximizing your holiday outreach, you will also save valuable time that could be spending making even more business contacts.

What type of card should I send if my business contacts are local?

City Scenes Make Great Holiday Cards

If you own a small business, most of people on your holiday mailing list are probably located in or around the same area. If this is the case, select business holiday cards that celebrate your specific region. Highlighting your home city or state in your holiday card allows you to connect with your business contacts in a much more personal manner.

One way to accomplish this is to choose a card that features a cityscape or specific landmark or building that everyone will recognize. For example, if you are located in New York, you might want a card that features a carriage ride in Central Park or an aerial view of Rockefeller Center, which are both scenes many residents can relate to during the holiday season. If you are located in Miami, you might want a card with a full view of the city at night with a brightly colored greeting that showcases Miami's flair. There are hundreds of designs available that represent a variety of cities across the nation, so you are sure to find one that will work for you and your company.

Is it okay to send the same card to all my business contacts?

Keep Your Greeting Politically Correct

When selecting holiday cards for business contacts, make sure your cards are politically correct. You probably have clients and contacts that celebrate a variety of different holidays and some that might celebrate more than one. Rather than trying to figure out which contact celebrates which holiday, choose a standard card that celebrates the season instead.

Some politically correct design options include cards that feature snowmen, holly leaves, trees or wreathes. Also, cards with wintery scenes, like houses covered in snow, or cityscapes are always a good choice. It is also important that the card reads "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" rather than "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukah." In addition, be sure the inside greeting reinforces the outside card design by repeating the same holiday message. You don't want to accidentally have “Happy Holidays” on the outside and “Merry Christmas” on the inside. You will send mixed messages and appear unorganized.

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