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How can I be sure a greeting card won't be damaged in the mail?

Buy Quality Corporate Business Cards

Any correspondence that leaves your office is a reflection of you and your company, so it is important that all mailing materials meet a certain standard. This is also true for any business greeting card you send out, no matter for whom it is intended. When selecting company greeting cards, make sure they are high-quality and durable.

A card made from quality material will not only stand the test of time, but will also stand a good amount of abuse. Think about it - a card is first handled by the sender or senders, sealed in an envelope and dropped into a mailbox. From there, it is sorted into a number of bins before it makes it onto the truck for delivery. By the time it makes it to the recipient's mailbox, it has been through a lot of wear and tear. If your company uses high-quality cards, you can rest easy knowing that when the recipient opens the card, it will look just as good as when you signed it.

How can I use my logo creatively on company greeting cards?

Design Your Own Greeting Card

Every company has a special logo or signature trademark that best represents their business. It is usually included on stationary, business cards and presentations to promote company visibility and create an impressionable presence. If you feel strongly that your company logo should be included on all correspondence, why not include it on your company greeting cards?

To really make an impression, be creative with your company logo to create one-of-a-kind greeting cards for business. Design a new version of your logo for every occasion that builds on the original design. For example, add balloons or confetti to your logo and have it printed on congratulations and birthday cards. Add a snowman or holly branch to create a special holiday card logo. With so many occasions throughout the year, there are a number of inventive ways you can adapt your company logo. Your business will always be properly represented and feature added flair that will make your company correspondence even more memorable.

How can I celebrate employee anniversaries?

Celebrate Employee Anniversaries with a Card

Every company should have a system in place for acknowledging milestones in the workplace. Not only does it boost morale, but employees feel more appreciated and tend to perform better. The best way to let an employee know how much you value their service is with a thoughtful corporate greeting card. Here are some tips for using anniversary cards to convey genuine gratitude.

  1. If you have a large business, don't try to group multiple anniversaries into one occasion. Make sure to give each employee a card on the actual day of the anniversary to make him or her feel like an essential part of the team.
  2. Include a hand written note in the card to show you put thought into thanking the employee for his/her service.
  3. Don't send the card in the mail. Deliver the card by hand to thank the employee personally, face-to-face.
  4. Include a small gift or service plaque with the card to reward the employee for a job well done.

How can I stay prepared for company related special occasions?

Be Prepared for Any Occasion

No matter what size company you work for, it seems like someone is celebrating a special occasion every other day. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or baby shower, odds are you need to send a card. Instead of always having to run out last minute, stay prepared by keeping a variety of business greeting cards on-hand.

There are four main card types you should always have - birthday, holiday, thank you and congratulations. These should cover most of your corporate greeting card needs. To ensure they work for every occasion, choose general designs that will appeal to a large audience. For example, stay away from any card designs that are gender oriented, age specific or culturally significant. You may also want to avoid printed greetings and go for blank inside cards instead. This way you will be able to personalize each card depending on the occasion and recipient.

What are the advantages to buying greeting cards online?

Order Corporate Greeting Cards Online

It is inevitable that you will need hundreds greeting cards for business this year. Instead of buying them one-by-one from the store, there is an easier way. Here are some advantages of purchasing greeting cards online:

1. Buying greeting cards online allows you to add personal touches, like photos and custom text. Once you have chosen a card, simply follow the instructions and you will have a one-of-a-kind design in no time.

2. If you are buying a large quantity of cards, online vendors make it easy to buy in bulk. This is a great way to save money when the budget is tight.

3. When you buy cards online, they are delivered right to your desk, which saves valuable time and money.

4. Purchasing cards in advance ensures you will always be ready with a card, no matter what the corporate occasion.

How can I get the community excited about my new business?

Announce a Grand Opening with a Corporate Invite

Corporate Greeting Cards are not just for the holidays, you can use them year round to help promote your business. For example, if you are opening a new retail store or restaurant in a new area, you will most likely be having a grand opening. To help create excitement in the community, invite customers to the event with a unique invitation. Here are some tips to ensure you have a big turnout at your event:

  1. Decide whom you want to invite. Depending on the size of the community, you might want to narrow it down by area or neighborhood.
  2. Create an invitation that includes all the even details as well as information about the event that will encourage people to attend.
  3. Include a discount offer to entice customers to make a purchase once they arrive.
  4. Extend a warm greeting to all customers to create a welcoming environment.

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