Design Your Own Greeting Card

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How can I use my logo creatively on company greeting cards?

Design Your Own Greeting Card

Every company has a special logo or signature trademark that best represents their business. It is usually included on stationary, business cards and presentations to promote company visibility and create an impressionable presence. If you feel strongly that your company logo should be included on all correspondence, why not include it on your company greeting cards?

To really make an impression, be creative with your company logo to create one-of-a-kind greeting cards for business. Design a new version of your logo for every occasion that builds on the original design. For example, add balloons or confetti to your logo and have it printed on congratulations and birthday cards. Add a snowman or holly branch to create a special holiday card logo. With so many occasions throughout the year, there are a number of inventive ways you can adapt your company logo. Your business will always be properly represented and feature added flair that will make your company correspondence even more memorable.



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