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How can I always be prepared to send a thank you note?

Be Prepared and Buy In Bulk

Do you feel like you are constantly sending out thank you cards? Numerous circumstances call for a thank you note, so it is a good idea to stay prepared. Buying cards in bulk will ensure you always have a card on hand, no matter what the occasion.

When buying thank you cards in bulk, it is important to choose a universal design. You never know to whom or for what you will need the card, so it is best to stay general. This means avoiding any designs that are event or gender specific and going with a simple, sophisticated look instead. Also, you probably want to buy cards that are either blank or include a minimal “Thank You” message printed inside. This will leave you plenty of space for crafting your personal message. When you buy in bulk, remember that the more you buy the more you save. Don't be afraid to make a large purchase, especially if you have a lot to be thankful for.

When should I send a thank you card?

When to Send a Thank You Card

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when it is appropriate to send a thank you card. There are no official rules when it comes to sending a thank you note, but there are times when it is recommended. Here is a list of when you should consider sending a card to say thanks:

  • After receiving a thoughtful gift for a wedding, baby shower, birthday or other special occasion
  • To thank loved ones for sending sympathy cards and flowers after a family member passes
  • To thank someone after staying in their home as a houseguest
  • As a way to follow-up with a prospective employer after a job interview
  • To thank the host after a party or shower thrown in your honor
  • After a friend does a big favor for you, like helping you move or picking up your mail while you are on vacation
  • To thank the host of a family holiday or dinner party

Should I send a thank you note after a job interview?

Follow-Up with a Thank You Card After a Job Interview

With such a competitive job market, it is getting harder and harder to get noticed by employers. One way to stand out from the crowd is to follow-up with thank you greeting cards after every interview. The employer will appreciate the gesture and recognize that you are a responsible, organized candidate.

It is a good idea to send a thank you card the day after a job interview. When selecting a thank you card to impress an employer, choose a bold, professional design that will get noticed. Include a hand-written note thanking the recipient for taking the time to meet with you and mention that you are looking forward to hearing from him/her regarding the final decision. Also, reference something specific from the interview to signal that you were actively engaged and paying attention to the details. When addressing the envelope, show respect by using a formal title, like Mr. or Mrs., and include the recipient's professional title in the address block.

Sending a thank you card won't guarantee you get the job, but it will give you a much needed edge over those who choose not to send a card.

What is the best wedding thank you card etiquette?

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

One of the best things about getting married, aside from gaining a new spouse, is that you receive a ton of gifts. To be sure you properly thank friends and family for their generosity, here are some tips for writing and sending Wedding thank you cards:

  • Keep a journal of all gifts received. As soon as you open a gift, record what it is and whom it is from. This will be a big help when you go to write your thank you notes.
  • Buy your thank you cards in advance. You don't want to sit down to write out your thank you notes only to realize you forgot to buy them.
  • Try to write the thank you card as soon as you receive each gift. Many people send gifts prior to the wedding, so the more you can get out of the way, the easier it will be later.
  • When writing your personal greeting, be sure to mention the gift by name. It will let the recipient know you really appreciated the sentiment.
  • If the recipient attended the wedding, thank them for coming and note how great it was to see them.
  • Send out you thank you notes in a timely manner. Traditional wedding etiquette says you have a full year, but many now say it is best to send them within three months.

When is it customary to send a thank you note after receiving a gift?

Sending Thank You Cards for Gifts

After receiving a gift, do you always wonder if you should send a thank you card or not? While sending a thank you is always a nice gesture, it is not always customary. Here is a guide to help determine when thank you cards are most appropriate and when a simple thank you will do:

  • Gifts for special occasions that will only happen once in a lifetime, like weddings, wedding showers and baby showers, should always be followed up with a thank you note.
  • Gifts for annual occasions, like birthdays and holidays, do not require a thank you note, but you should always try to thank the person verbally, whether in person or on the phone.
  • If you receive a gift in the mail for any occasion, you should send a thank you note to the giver. Since they took the time to send something to brighten your day, you should return the favor.
  • For sympathy gifts, a thank you card is nice, but not a necessity. Under the circumstance, people will usually not be offended if you are too occupied to write a note.
  • Occasions where gifts are not a requirement, like a get well gift or a just because gift, should be acknowledged with a thank you card. Since the giver was being extra thoughtful, they deserve a nice note saying how much you appreciated the gesture.

what if I am at a loss for words when writing a thank you note?

Common Thank You Card Phrases

If you are at a loss for words when it comes time to write a thank you note, here are some general phrases that will help get you started:

  • You have a knack for finding the cutest things.
  • You are so sweet to remember my big day!
  • You guys really know how to throw a party.
  • Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift.
  • All your hard work really showed, I couldn't have asked for a better party.
  • I had a really great time getting to know everyone.
  • You really put on a fantastic evening.
  • I can't wait to put my gift to good use.
  • Your generous gift will be very helpful towards the down payment on our new home.
  • I am so happy you were able to attend; it was great to see you.
  • I am wearing your gift as I sit here writing this note.
  • As usual, your gift was far too generous.

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