Be Prepared for Any Occasion

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How can I stay prepared for company related special occasions?

Be Prepared for Any Occasion

No matter what size company you work for, it seems like someone is celebrating a special occasion every other day. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or baby shower, odds are you need to send a card. Instead of always having to run out last minute, stay prepared by keeping a variety of business greeting cards on-hand.

There are four main card types you should always have - birthday, holiday, thank you and congratulations. These should cover most of your corporate greeting card needs. To ensure they work for every occasion, choose general designs that will appeal to a large audience. For example, stay away from any card designs that are gender oriented, age specific or culturally significant. You may also want to avoid printed greetings and go for blank inside cards instead. This way you will be able to personalize each card depending on the occasion and recipient.



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