How to Choose a Business Thank You Card

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How do I choose the right business thank you card?

How to Choose a Business Thank You Card

A thank you card is the most common greeting card used in business. It is appropriate for so many occasions and can be sent to anyone, so it is important that your thank you cards for business feature a design that properly represents your company. Here are a few tips for finding the right card:

  1. Select a simple, sophisticated design that is gender neutral and suitable for a variety of occasions. Don't choose a design that is too cutesy or over-the-top that might make your company look silly.
  2. To keep all office correspondence consistent, go for a color scheme that coordinates with your company image and/or logo. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors that will appeal to a variety of recipients.
  3. Choose cards with a standard size and shape to avoid appearing too flashy. The idea is to look professional, so always keep that in mind when making your selection.



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