Add Captions to Your Greeting Cards

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How can I personalize my photo greeting cards?

Add Captions to Your Greeting Cards

Adding photos to a greeting card is a great way to add a personal touch, but adding captions can take your card design even further. You can be as festive or as funny as you want with a well thought out phrase that coordinates with your photo.

There a few ways you can incorporate captions in your greeting cards. One is to buy blank “comic book style” caption stickers and write on them using a ballpoint pen. This is a great way to show that a person in your photo is saying or thinking something. Another idea is to add the caption directly to your photo using photo software, like Photoshop, before uploading the photo to your card. This will look seamless and you have the opportunity to be a little more playful. If there is not enough room to add text directly to the photo, use the caption as your greeting. Include the photo on the cover of the card and write the corresponding message or punch line inside.



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