Religious Greetings for Christmas Cards

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How can I choose the best religious greeting for my Christmas card?

Religious Greetings for Christmas Cards

If you are choosing to send out religious Christmas cards this year, you will most likely want to include a religious verse in your greeting. When expressing your faith during the holidays, it can be difficult to come-up with the right words. There are a few things to consider when drafting the right greeting for your Christmas card.

First, you want to make sure the greeting complements the card design. There are a number of Christmas prayers and poems to choose from that emphasize different aspects of the holiday. For example, if your card features a nativity scene, you might want a verse about the three wise men. If the front of the card is a Madonna and child, choose a saying with a mother/child focus. Also, keep your greeting short and sweet to get your message across clearly. Long excerpts from the Bible can be overwhelming, so choose one quote or verse that best represents the passage and doesn't take up the entire inside of the card. For the signature, popular religious closings include "God Bless," "May God Be With You," "Many Blessings," and "For Him."



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