How to Properly Address Your Christmas Cards

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How do I properly address my Christmas cards?

How to Properly Address Your Christmas Cards

Now that all your Christmas cards have been signed and stuffed, it is time to address the envelopes. You are most likely sending cards to a variety of friends, family and acquaintances, so it is important to consider whom the card is going to before filling out the names. Here are some suggestions for how to properly refer to each recipient:

  • Couples: To formally address married couples you can write “Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Smith” or “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” A more casual approach would be something like “Joseph & Mary Smith” or “The Smiths.” For couples with different last names, include the full names of both recipients like “Joseph Smith & Mary Jones.”
  • Families: For couples with children, you can use the same addresses as mentioned above, but with a twist. The easiest way to include children is by adding “Family” to the name, like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Family” or “The Smith Family.” For a cute approach, address the card to the children by writing “Kate Smith and Parents.”



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