Creating a Christmas Newsletter

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What can I do to personalize my Christmas card?

Creating a Christmas Newsletter

If you are looking for interesting ways to create personalized Christmas cards, try including a family newsletter. Friends and family will appreciate the effort and it will provide them with a great way to catch up. To craft the perfect newsletter, follow these simple tips:

  • Present your newsletter on stationary that best represents you and your family. For a traditional look, go with a simple border or a holiday theme. For a more contemporary look, choose metallic paper or a thick card stock with a monogrammed watermark.
  • Create a theme or layout to help organize the information. You might want to include headlines for each paragraph or use bullet points to highlight the most important information.
  • Try to keep your newsletter to one page. Multiple sheets of paper can look intimidating and some people might not take the time to read it.
  • If you don't want to share too much personal information, include other items like a family photo or your favorite holiday recipe to fill the space.



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