Go Red and "Green" This Christmas

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How can I go green this Christmas?

Go Red and "Green" This Christmas

If you want to send Christmas cards this year without increasing your carbon footprint, send holiday cards made from recycled materials. Here are some ideas for creating recycled Christmas Cards that you can feel proud of:

  • Re-use the Christmas cards you received last year. Remove the front portion of the card and glue on a new back. You can use recycled cardboard or construction paper for a completely green solution.
  • Create holiday cards from used paper grocery bags. Decorate the edges with scraps of yarn and thread and you will have a beautiful, custom card that is environmentally friendly.
  • If you are not that crafty or creative, you can purchase cards made from recycled materials. To be sure the cards are really green, check the label to verify what materials were used in the construction.



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