Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

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What is the best wedding thank you card etiquette?

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

One of the best things about getting married, aside from gaining a new spouse, is that you receive a ton of gifts. To be sure you properly thank friends and family for their generosity, here are some tips for writing and sending Wedding thank you cards:

  • Keep a journal of all gifts received. As soon as you open a gift, record what it is and whom it is from. This will be a big help when you go to write your thank you notes.
  • Buy your thank you cards in advance. You don't want to sit down to write out your thank you notes only to realize you forgot to buy them.
  • Try to write the thank you card as soon as you receive each gift. Many people send gifts prior to the wedding, so the more you can get out of the way, the easier it will be later.
  • When writing your personal greeting, be sure to mention the gift by name. It will let the recipient know you really appreciated the sentiment.
  • If the recipient attended the wedding, thank them for coming and note how great it was to see them.
  • Send out you thank you notes in a timely manner. Traditional wedding etiquette says you have a full year, but many now say it is best to send them within three months.



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