Don't Try To Be Too Funny

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What should I avoid writing when siging business birthday cards?

Don't Try To Be Too Funny

When it comes time to sign a card for co-worker, deciding what message to write is always a challenge. Whether you are signing a group card or giving one of your own, you generally want your message to standout from the same old "happy birthday" wishes. It is okay to be witty, but be careful that your message doesn't standout for the wrong reasons. Here are some topics to avoid when signing business birthday cards:

  1. Don't make any references to race or religion. Even if you have a close relationship with the recipient, it is never a good idea to joke about these topics at work.
  2. Avoid any alcohol references. Even if you have previously been out for a few cocktails with a co-worker, writing something like "I hope you stay sober enough to remember this one..haha" in a card can be offensive.
  3. Don't mention their age. Whether the card is for the 23-year-old receptionist or the 60-year-old executive, mentioning age is never a good idea. It can signal that you don't take them seriously or that their age affects their ability to do their job.



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