Announce Your New Arrival in a Holiday Card

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How can I create a holiday card that doubles as a birth announcement?

Announce Your New Arrival in a Holiday Card

If you have a new bundle of joy arriving just in time for Christmas, create personalized holiday cards that double as a birth announcement. Here are a few ways to include the good news into your holiday greeting:

  1. Create a Christmas card using your favorite photo or photos of the little one. Many online card companies make it easy to upload images that can be incorporated into the overall design.
  2. Include hand or footprints on the inside of the card or on the envelope to create a special baby signature. Use festive colors like red and green to compliment the colors of the season.
  3. Put "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" confetti inside the envelope so the recipient gets the good news as soon as they open the card.
  4. Include the baby's name, weight and height in the signature, just as you would on a traditional birth announcement, to inform loved ones of these important stats.



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