Who Should Receive Christmas Greeting Cards?

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Who should receive Christmas cards?

Who Should Receive Christmas Greeting Cards?

Clearly, you can't send Christmas greeting cards to everyone you know or have recently met. That said, it's important to have a general idea of your recipient list before moving forward with any Christmas card purchases. The priority recipients should be close friends and family. While it's an individual decision based on preference and budget, you also may want to consider sending cards to some or all of the following:

  • Close neighbors that you regularly socialize with or whose children play with yours
  • Immediate coworkers or friends at work
  • Your boss and your spouse's boss
  • Your children's teachers
  • Close church members
  • Service providers you interact with regularly, such as the gardener, housekeeping service, or swimming pool tech
With those you know on a social basis, select traditional Christmas greeting cards that appeal to all tastes, such as snowflake Christmas cards or nature Christmas cards. They will certainly appreciate the thought and effort.



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