Keeping it Professional with Corporate Greeting Cards

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How should I address envelopes for corporate greeting cards?

Keeping it Professional with Corporate Greeting Cards

Everything about corporate greeting cards transmit a message about the sender, including the envelope and address wording.

Starting with the envelope for each corporate greeting card, be sure to maintain professionalism by always using appropriate titles and proper names when addressing. Handwriting these addresses is not recommended as it can appear sloppy or “small-time.” Have your company's name and return address imprinted on the envelope flap.

Keep the inside of the corporate greeting card simple, relevant, and to the point. Avoid card clutter caused by excessively wordy messages. Imprinting a brief message and the company name looks professional and provides you with a way of reminding customers that you value them.

Focus on traditional business graphics for the front of the card that either represents your industry or that illustrates the value of customer relationships. While you may enjoy humor with your close associates, it's usually best to keep the corporate greeting card formal to maintain a high level of professionalism in your message to clients.



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