Sending Appropriate Business Birthday Cards

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How do I know what types of business birthday cards are appropriate for customers and employees?

Sending Appropriate Business Birthday Cards

Selecting a birthday card for a friend or family member is relatively easy because you may be familiar with that person's likes and dislikes, or even understand their sense of humor. When sending business happy birthday cards, it may be more difficult because you want to maintain a professional tone while recognizing the personal significance of the day.

To make the right impression, select professional-looking cards. Opt for business birthday cards that feature universal themes, which include bright balloons, presents, cake, and candles.

When personalizing the card, go with an appropriately festive birthday greeting but avoid any messages that could be read the wrong way. For example, cards gently poking fun at the recipient's increasing age should be avoided. For cards from large offices, that greeting could simply be, “From all your friends at…” or something along those lines. For smaller offices, be sure to have each employee sign the card. However, gently remind those signing to the card to keep it professional, even if they have a personal relationship with the recipient outside of the office.



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