Planning for Business Birthday Greeting Cards

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How can I plan to send business birthday greeting cards so they get there on time?

Planning for Business Birthday Greeting Cards

A business birthday card serves many purposes beyond recognizing an employee's or customer's birthday. It serves as a marketing tool for clients and a morale booster for employees, helping to earn both favor and trust. Birthday greeting cards send the message that your business takes the time to think of others and remember a special and personal day. Remember that this is especially applicable to professionals who have personal contact with their clients on a frequent basis, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, and finance professionals.

Managing and tracking birthday dates can be a daunting task, especially for large offices with many clients or employees. In such cases, the responsibility should fall to either sales reps or account managers… those in direct contact with the client. Office managers and HR staff can take the lead for employee birthday cards. A small business looking to acknowledge client or customer birthdays can probably leave it to the office secretary or manager.



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