Be Prepared and Buy In Bulk

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How can I always be prepared to send a thank you note?

Be Prepared and Buy In Bulk

Do you feel like you are constantly sending out thank you cards? Numerous circumstances call for a thank you note, so it is a good idea to stay prepared. Buying cards in bulk will ensure you always have a card on hand, no matter what the occasion.

When buying thank you cards in bulk, it is important to choose a universal design. You never know to whom or for what you will need the card, so it is best to stay general. This means avoiding any designs that are event or gender specific and going with a simple, sophisticated look instead. Also, you probably want to buy cards that are either blank or include a minimal “Thank You” message printed inside. This will leave you plenty of space for crafting your personal message. When you buy in bulk, remember that the more you buy the more you save. Don't be afraid to make a large purchase, especially if you have a lot to be thankful for.



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