When to Send a Thank You Card

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When should I send a thank you card?

When to Send a Thank You Card

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when it is appropriate to send a thank you card. There are no official rules when it comes to sending a thank you note, but there are times when it is recommended. Here is a list of when you should consider sending a card to say thanks:

  • After receiving a thoughtful gift for a wedding, baby shower, birthday or other special occasion
  • To thank loved ones for sending sympathy cards and flowers after a family member passes
  • To thank someone after staying in their home as a houseguest
  • As a way to follow-up with a prospective employer after a job interview
  • To thank the host after a party or shower thrown in your honor
  • After a friend does a big favor for you, like helping you move or picking up your mail while you are on vacation
  • To thank the host of a family holiday or dinner party



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