Types Of New Years Cards

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What is the meaning behind iconic new Year's symbols?

Types Of New Years Cards

Have you ever looked at a New Year greeting card and wondered the meaning behind the card design? Here is a guide to help you understand some of the most popular New Year's symbols:

  • Father Time: One of the most significant icons of the new year, Father Time is generally represented by a bearded man carrying an hourglass and wearing a robe and a sash with the previous year on it. This character is said to be derived from mythical figures such as the Holly King, the Celtic God of the dying year, and Chronos, the Greek God of time.
  • Baby New Year: Represented as a chubby baby wearing only a diaper and a sash with the incoming year printed on it, Baby New symbolizes a new beginning. He is said to grow into Father Time over the year, handing off his duties to the next Baby New Year.
  • Fire Works: A popular New Years image, fireworks emerged as a common New Years tradition due to an old belief that noise and fire help to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck.
  • Janus : Depicted as a Roman God with two faces, Janus has one head facing forward to the new year and another looking back at the old year.



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