Better Late than Never

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What do I do if I forget to send a holiday card?

Better Late than Never

If it is almost Christmas and you realize you haven't sent out your holiday cards yet, there is no need to worry. Send a New Year card and your friends and family will never know you forgot. Instead of a late holiday card, they will receive a New Years card just in time to watch the ball drop.

There are many benefits to sending a New Year's card rather than a Christmas card. For example, New Year's is a national holiday, not a religious one, so you can rest easy knowing you won't offend anyone with your card choice. Also, friends and family can feel overwhelmed with cards during the holidays, so waiting until after the rush will make more of an impression. Your New Year card is also more likely to stay on display longer since the card design revolves around the year rather than a holiday theme. That means the card could be exhibited for the whole year without looking out of place.



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