Send a Calendar Card For New Years

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What type of cards should I send for New Years?

Send a Calendar Card For New Years

Sending a card for New Year's is a nice gesture, but most likely it won't be around for long. Most people take down their Christmas and New Year's decoration by the end of January, so your card will only have about a month on display. If you send a calendar card, your recipients will enjoy your New Year's card all year long. Calendar cards are the perfect size to keep on a desk, pin to a corkboard or hang on the fridge. Now your friends and family will remember your thoughtfulness every time they check the date.

Calendar cards come in all types of designs to match various settings and decors. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose from floral designs, outdoor landscapes, fireworks or cityscapes. Also, the calendar portion of the card can vary in size, so be sure to consider the different styles when making your selection. Some are printed on the cover, some take up the entire inside of the card and some fold out into a longer calendar.



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