Use A Card To Make A Donation

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How can I encourage other to give during the holidays?

Use A Card To Make A Donation

The holiday season is a great time to give to those in need. Whether you volunteer at a local food pantry or donate to the Salvation Army, giving helps people in need and makes you feel good about making a contribution. If you motivate other to do the same, use Happy Thanksgiving cards to inspire charitable acts.

One tactic is to send Thanksgiving cards to your mailing list explaining what you are doing to help others and ask them to get involved. If you are helping out at a homeless shelter, invite others to come join you. If you have made a donation to your favorite charity, let others know how they can do the same. A more general approach might be to simply include a greeting that emphasizes the joy of giving and sends a positive message to your recipients. Any of these options will help you share your generous spirit with others and encourage them to do good deeds.



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