Make Clients Feel Special with a Handwritten Note

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How can I make my clients feel special during the holidays?

Make Clients Feel Special with a Handwritten Note

During the holidays, companies should expect to send hundreds of holiday cards. It is almost impossible to personalize each card, but there a few people you should go out of your way to make feel special. Those who have helped your business the most over the past year deserve a more thoughtful wish during the holiday season.

If you work in client service, make sure to include a handwritten note in your client's business holiday card. Your client probably receives handfuls of cards, so ensure that yours stands out from the crowd by including a personal note. When determining what to write, try to avoid cliché greetings or mimicking the printed message. For example, if the card says "Hope you have a wonderful holiday season," don't write "Wishing you a happy holiday season." It will look like you wrote your note in a hurry or didn't read the card. Take the time to write something memorable and it will make all the difference.



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