Be Sure to Get All the Right Signatures

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Is it okay to omit some signatures when giving a group birthday card at work?

Be Sure to Get All the Right Signatures

When you are giving a co-worker a birthday card signed by a group, it can be difficult to track down all the right people to get their signatures. It seems like when you try to track them down, someone is always in a meeting, out to lunch or coming in late that day. If it is your role to round everyone up, you might think that as long as you get most of the signatures your work is done, but that is not the case. Leaving someone out may end-up causing unwanted tension.

For example, if an entire department of people is signing a card and one signature is missing, it can send mixed messages. The recipient might think that one person purposely didn't sign, which will have them wondering what they might have done to offend him/her. On the other hand, the person unable to sign might be angry with you for allowing them to be left out, especially if the card was accompanied by a gift. To avoid this scenario, be sure to get everyone's signature before giving business happy birthday cards. Then you can enjoy the cake and ice cream without feeling guilty.



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