Cards for the Last Minute

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What can I give as a thoughtful last minute gift idea?

Cards for the Last Minute

When you work in a busy office setting, there are always a lot of dates, meetings and events to keep track of each month. With all the mark-ups on your calendar, it can be easy to let an occasional birthday creep up on you without noticing until the last minute. A great way to stay prepared is to keep a stack of birthday cards for business on-hand in case you need one in a moment's notice. Your co-worker or client will never know you almost forgot the big day.

When buying a large quantity of cards for last-minute occasions, choose a couple different styles to keep your options open. You might want to choose colorful, fun cards for co-workers, a more sophisticated design for clients and a traditional style for vendors and service providers. It also allows you to mix-it-up should you need to give out more than one card on the same day.



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