Showing Employee Appreciation with a Thoughtful Card

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How can I boost employee moral?

Showing Employee Appreciation with a Thoughtful Card

As more and more jobs are lost, many companies find themselves relying on fewer employees to produce the same amount of work. Adjusting to a larger workload and more responsibility can be a stressful transition for employees, so it is a good idea to rely on positive reinforcement to help ease the burden. A quick and easy way to show you care is with a greeting card.

For example, if you have a hard working employee whose birthday is coming up, make sure their special day does not go unnoticed. A birthday greeting card with an encouraging message is a simple, inexpensive way to celebrate their birthday and boost their spirits. Pair the card with a tasty cake to share with co-workers and the whole office will be thanking you for your generosity. The thoughtful gesture will be much appreciated and may even result in higher productivity.



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