Don't Forget About the Postage

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Are there special stamps for holiday cards?

Don't Forget About the Postage

To add the final touch to any holiday card, you will need to put a stamp on it. You might have some leftover stamps in your desk drawer, but there are much more festive options available during the holiday season.

The US postal service recently released its holiday designs for 2009. As stated in the press release:

The Winter Holidays stamps feature a reindeer, snowman, gingerbread man and toy soldier. A merry reindeer dangles a red bulb ornament from his antler. Flurries of large flakes dust a snowman sporting a top hat, coal buttons and a carrot nose. The gingerbread man is decorated for the season with green, red, and white icing. The toy soldier smiles while standing at attention. Borders of evergreens, stars, wreaths, and holly add another holiday touch to the stamps.
Also, for a more personal touch, some websites allow you to customize your holiday stamps. You can choose from a variety of existing designs or create your own for even more wow factor.



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