Get the Kids Involved

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How can I get my kids involved in creating our Christmas cards?

Get the Kids Involved

The holidays are a time for everyone to celebrate with family and spread holiday cheer. Getting the whole family involved in creating your Christmas cards is a great way to do both at the same time. When it comes time to send out the holiday greeting cards this year, make it into a night of family fun. Get your creative juices flowing and there is no telling what the result will be.

It is best to have an adult handle the greeting and addresses so the cards are legible, but the rest can be left for the kids. Children love to decorate, so put them in charge of adding the special touches to the cards and envelopes. Fuel their creativity and go all-out with stencils, markers, stickers and glitter. Your kids will enjoy participating in the Christmas card process and your loved ones will definitely appreciate the time and care that went into making them.



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