Sending Special Holiday Christmas Cards

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What else can I do to make my holiday Christmas cards special for the recipient?

Sending Special Holiday Christmas Cards

Here are a few tips to make your Christmas cards for friends and family extra special this holiday season.

  • Imprint your own verse or poem that you created yourself.
  • Choose a special quote or song lyric that has meaning for the recipients of any personalized Christmas cards.
  • Include special photographs that mean something to the recipient.
  • Select a special recipe for the holidays that you want to share with the recipient.
  • Incorporate a small gift within the card, such as a gift card or personalized bookmark.
  • Add a gift certificate to an online music store and provide song recommendations in the card note.
  • Include an invitation to get together in the near future. Something as simple as a quick coffee and a chat is often enough to reconnect old friends.



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