Mailing Business Holiday Cards

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What should I know about mailing business holiday cards?

Mailing Business Holiday Cards

During the holidays, it is essential to set aside time to address and mail business holiday cards, preferably earlier rather than later.

Since hiring a team of elves to sign our Christmas cards and a magic sleigh to deliver them is not a realistic possibility for most of us, it is important to get your business holiday cards out in the mail on the earlier side of December for multiple reasons, including:

  • Employees often take early holiday vacations, especially if they are traveling.
  • Some offices completely shut down for the holidays, even the week prior.
  • The US Postal System may efficiently deliver the card in time, but the internal mailrooms of large companies may be overwhelmed with holiday mail, delaying the delivery.
  • There is always a possibility that an important client or customer is overlooked and not sent a greeting. If you identify any oversights early, there is still time for correction.
This all assumes you've already chosen your business holiday card and updated your mailing list. Of course, if the holidays are creeping up and find yourself behind on your holiday card to-do list, don't fret! Online retailers typically offer both convenient ordering and prompt delivery, saving time otherwise spent browsing store selections.



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