Showing Your Appreciation with Business Thank You Cards

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What should I say on business thank you cards to express appreciation for my clients or my employees?

Showing Your Appreciation with Business Thank You Cards

While a simple “thank you” may sum up your overall appreciation, businesses can cement their relationships with clients through business thank you note cards. The same recognition also works to motivate employees.

Compose short verses or messages for your business thank you cards based on a specific idea, such as recent purchases, contract signings, long-term relationship milestones, customer loyalty, employee productivity, or the meeting or exceeding expectations. With a little thought, it's never hard to find a reason to send a business thank you card.

If you are working with an online greeting card company, check to see if they offer customized imprinting. If you are stumped for an appropriate message, be sure to ask around for advice on suggested verses for a business thank you card. In fact, many online greeting card companies offer suitable standard messages for imprinting. Specific quotation or verse websites also offer recommendations for a range of business thank you cards.

On top of the printed greeting, include your own quick message of gratitude along with your signature. Be sure your appreciation is properly conveyed.



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