Businesses: Knowing When to Send Thank You Cards

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When can I just say thanks and when should I send a thank you card?

Businesses: Knowing When to Send Thank You Cards

There are times when a verbal “thank you” and simple email won't do for clients. Sending a written business thank you card maximizes the impact of your appreciation on the client, strengthening relationships in the process.

The wording on thank you greeting cards does not have to be formal, just sincere. Use simple language on your thank you card to briefly explain why you are sending the card. Be specific when mentioning the reason. It could be for a large order, a new project, or contract renewal. There is also nothing wrong with periodically sending out an unexpected client thank you card to let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty.

The business thank you cards can even acknowledge that you know your customers have other choices, but are glad you can service their needs and fulfill their expectations. Always end the note with another thank you followed by an appropriate close and signature.



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