Thanksgiving Cards: Early Planning Is Ideal

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When should I start preparing and mailing my Thanksgiving cards?

Thanksgiving Cards: Early Planning Is Ideal

Don't wait until after Halloween to start planning for your Thanksgiving Day cards. First, try to start planning for your Thanksgiving Day cards prior to Halloween, including compiling your list, checking all recipient contact information is correct, and even ordering your cards.

By ordering early, you reserve enough time to select an appropriate Thanksgiving card and message. This holds especially true if you are ordering your Thanksgiving Day cards online from a retailer such as The card selection at online retailers, often greater than those found at physical stores, features high-quality Thanksgiving cards with beautiful imagery and a range of verses. Also, you'll have time to consider any additional customization options, including card imprinting.

The ideal time to send a Happy Thanksgiving card is sometime during the end of the first week and beginning of the second week of November. This allows your recipient to display the Thanksgiving card along with his or her Thanksgiving decorations.



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